Quality education and exam center:

Over the past decades, Microlink College has been working on quality issues identification and enhancement activities by merging quality roles with the roles of deans and departments heads, however, recently the college sensitized the very essence of the issue and established a separate institution to keep closer look on the overall services of the college and make necessary care accordingly. Enabling quality is a challenging task but it is a must to do the activity of any educational institution for some important reasons. First, both national and regional concerns about how to maintain quality increasingly put greater pressure on the commitment to striving for excellence and assuring quality in all its activities. Second, the growing national competition and the value of customer satisfaction reinforce higher education institution to maintain quality standards. Third, the implementation of systematic quality assurance processes which focuses on achieving quality outcomes is also paramount in all program qualifications system. Fourth, the learning assessment planning, administration, and feedback exchange practices of teachers need regular monitoring and evaluation. Therefore, considering all these and other reasons, Microlink college has established a central unit that shoulders the responsibility of monitoring, supervising, and supporting services of the academic, research and community services of the college. And so, the mission and applicability of the office are:

Quality Assurance Mission

The mission is to consciously develop confidence in the provision of core activities of the college including teaching, learning and research services that the quality and the standards of awards of the college are safeguarded, enhanced and effectively managed. This mission statement provides the college with a wide range of opportunities against which to build further and develop its quality of learning, teaching, and research training.

Scope and Applicability

This policy statement supplements and supports core services or program priorities as defined by the college, which set out the colleges’ expectations and requirements for practice by its staff and students particularly in relation to quality assurance and quality enhancement. Simultaneously, this policy applies to Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET), undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the college.