Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


The MBA is a demanding and broad-based management degree. It enables students to gain core knowledge of subjects fundamental to management, develop analytical skills that are indispensable in problem solving and decision making, understand the process of management and human behavior in organizations, and gain insights into the changing business, economic, social and political environments that affect the commercial world.

The MBA program in our College is aimed at professionals in managerial and other positions across a wide range of organizations from the public and private sectors to non-governmental organizations and small businesses. This program is crucial for those who are keen to accelerate their careers, and want to gain relevant and up-to-date knowledge of current issues in business and management informed by leading edge research and practice in the field. With this program, students will develop an understanding of globalization and international business, acquire a multi-disciplinary perspective of organizations, and travel around strategies that encourage innovation and creativity. Potential graduates will also broaden their understanding of the organization by adopting a holistic approach to business that includes the stakeholder point of view as well as ethical and corporate social responsibility practice and policies.

The fast growing global economy is enforcing business firms to depend their future on proper knowledge management. Ethiopia is no exception. Therefore, managing the business organizations in such unstable environment will be very tough for traditional managers as they face difficulty in scanning the environment especially the external business environment. To increase the efficiency and profitability of business organizations, the accomplishments should use the graduates of MBA for they are exposed to different trainings which could give them analytical ability in decision making.

The MBA program gives the graduates with valuable knowledge about business establishment and all its related aspects. The students learn about business strategies and concepts, not only theoretical but also the training and internship required in MBA courses. These skills help the graduates to use the resources effectively and economically to bring about the productivity and profitability there by considerably increasing the efficiency of the concern. The purpose of the program is to generate multitalented professionals who can scan the business environment and adjust their business to the dynamic environment accordingly and prepare the business to exploit the opportunities thereby aggressively combating the threats in the external environment. The need for MBA program in Micro Link Information Collegeu00a0 is to meet the demand of the countryu2019s qualified workforce needs at large and of nearby community confined and Capacity building to upgrade the qualification and competence of educators in Higher Education Institutions. In this regard, considering the very high demand for the MBA program in Tigrayu00a0 Regionu00a0 as well as the nearby regions like Afar and Amhara as an opportunity and the mission of the College to satisfy and expand the community services ,necessitates opening the program. The MBA program launched here in Micro Link Information Collegeu00a0 will, therefore, expected to contribute to the transformation ofu00a0 the economic and social frameworks ofu00a0 the local community in particular and the nation in general.

The need assessment survey which is conducted in Mekelle has given the drive to open the MBA program. The survey shows the respondents are highly interested to study their MBA in Micro Link Information College. From these respondents, most of them are interested to study MBA in regular time and evening program; and the majority of the respondents want to study general MBA.


The primary objectives of the MBA degree program are:

(1) To provide a knowledge base of interdisciplinary business theories and techniques to

(2) To train and to develop studentsu2019 practical skills for career development, and

(3) To develop the studentsu2019 decision-making and leadership capabilities to face the
challenges of a dynamic business world staged with diverse, multicultural, and global

business settings,

(4) To develop the studentsu2019 research skills and knowledge in the areas of business for
problem solving and actively promote innovations through research undertaking

(5) To produce graduates that can beu00a0 consultants, policy makers, analysts, leaders and
notable individuals who will be able to manage local, regional and national , micro,
small, medium and large scale businesses such asu00a0 multinational business firms

(6) u00a0The emphases are in the fields of modern global business management and digital
enterprise system management. Specific studies cover the fields of accounting,
financial management, project management, modern information management
systems, and business marketing.


The following values are believed to beu00a0u00a0 the core values of the program:

  • People: We believe that our employees and students are the sources of
    our strength. They provide our organizational intelligence and determine our reputation and validity. Employee involvement and teamwork are the programs core human values. The Business Administration believes that its employees are its greatest asset. All investment made to develop and compensate employees is aimed at preparing them to meet the challenges of today and of the future.
  • Quality u2013 We believe that its product (graduates, findings and service) should be of the highest (superior quality). The quality of the Business Administrationu2019s products reflects the quality of its performance as well as its staff. Quality will be the Business Administrationu2019s distinguishing mark and it will not be compromised. We strive to improve quality continuously.
  • Commitment and involvement – Work is the means of existence. It is not a matter of choice. Thus, Business Administrationu2019s management and staff will always remain committed to perform assigned duties to the best of their ability. Employee involvement is our way of life. We are a team. We must treat each other with trust, confidence and respect.
  • Integrity – We will exercise the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. We will practice and defend academic and personal honesty. Our job performance will be characterized by truthfulness, dependability, and responsibility. Our doors are open to all ethnic and religious groups, both sexes, and all colors without discrimination. We will seek to be known by our clients as trustworthy and dependable.
  • Excellence – We believe that excellence is the standard for all we do. We must strive for excellence in everything we do. We will strive toward the highest standards of performance in all aspects of our operation. We will perform every task at an exemplary level of quality. We are committed to continuously seeking and applying new methods and technologies to improve our efficiency in our services.
  • Respect – We will respect the rights of others in order to promote an open and supportive campus environment. Students will always be treated with respect and courtesy. Staff members will be valued for the diverse contributions that they make to the Graduate Studies Program and the College at large. Diversity will be respected and celebrated. We will treat everyone with respect and civility.
  • Continuous Improvement – We will continuously evaluate existing policies and practices searching for ways to improve our operations. All operational initiatives will be routinely examined as a basis for refining, replacing, or eliminating less effective strategies. We will review and implement new technologies that will enhance our operations and service. We will seek to be a leader in the application of advanced practices and technologies
  • Customer Service: Our customers come first and we will strive to serve them in a friendly, fair, respectful and cost-effective manner.
  • Cooperation and Teamwork: We work together to achieve common goals; looking beyond self-interest, remaining helpful in difficult situations, encouraging compromise and positive change, and recognize that a common commitment leads to organizational excellence.
  • Accountability: We are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior and
  • Academic Freedom: we believe and work to provide a questioning and inquisitive
    academic environment and value academic freedom and
  • Conservation: We will remain committed to conserve the scarce resources and
    protect and develop the natural environment.