BA Degree in Accounting

Program Objectives

The objective of the accounting department is to produce highly qualified accountants that are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of accountings, financial planning and auditing courses with an aim to familiarize students with the ever growing profession and professional practices in the field of accounting to address the effect of the changes in accounting package and to benefits the society.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • To equip graduates with basic accounting and financial skills,
  • Train individuals who will assume different managerial posts in various public and private organizations
  • To train individuals who will be capable of providing trainings and advising services
  • To produce graduates who carry out research work in the field of accounting that will help in survey social problems

Graduate profile

The accounting Degree program prepares graduates for employment as accountants in business, industry and government and none government organization. A graduate of accounting can perform accounting functions such as designed and installation of manual or automated accounting systems. Preparing financial reports for profit making and none profit making businesses and producing relevant financial information for decision making purposes of the management he/she can also effectively measures or evaluate the financial performance of a company preparation financial forecast, and project proposals, execution, monitoring and evaluation as a professional financial manager. In addition to this, a graduate is able to apply audit techniques such as reviewing financial statements as external auditor, designing internal control system for a company, reviewing to financial statements internally and report to the management group and consulting about their financial matters.

Thesis Advisor Assignment