Degree in Accounting information system

Program Objectives

The development of information technology impacts significantly on various fields of study. The biggest impact can be seen in accounting practice. The change becomes more and more complex as there are shifts in business activities, such as in organization management, the concept of change management, and integration activities making closer ties among suppliers, customers and even competitors.

Historically, information systems programs prepared students to work with functionally oriented business applications such as payroll, accounts receivable applications related to these traditional business areas.

Computerized accounting program which specialized in Accounting Information System is considered to handle the above matters, as its outcomes are expected to be able to master accounting fields and also information technology for doing its function.

A combination of accounting and information technology and general business classes makes up the program. The focus of the program is on the use of accounting information systems as a management tool. Students gain a perspective as to the role of the AIS as a component of a complete management information system, as well as gaining the tools and techniques necessary to maintain the AIS at a highly effective level of functioning.

The accounting stream program is a career – laddered, competency – based program that utilizes an integrated and linear program approach with strong understanding of accounting processes combined with both integrated and specialized knowledge 0f information systems (AIS). This fields of study will make trainees a valuable resources in the work force. The accounting stream graduates are prepared to perform at the paraprofessional level in public accounting; our program in accounting information technology will provide an age in the computation. The Information System stream graduates also more communicate with information technology ideas, concepts and solutions.

The objective of the Department in general is to produce highly qualified both accountants and Information Technology practitioners that are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting, auditing and emphasizes control of computers and electronic commerce and control methods. The program includes intensive training in accounting and information science course with an aim to familiarize students with accounting and IS package.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • To equip graduates with basic accounting and financial skills.
  • Successfully apply accounting and information technology concepts, principles and techniques in the analysis and resolution of accounting systems problems and opportunities within their organization.
  • Effectively communicate with information technology ideas, concepts and solutions.
  • Evaluate issues and innovations in accounting and in information technology and their effects on managerial decision making.
  • Evaluate and design accounting and information system to meet organizational goal.
  • Develop and evaluate alternative solutions to organizational problems.

Graduate Profile

The AIS Degree program prepares graduates for employment as accountants in business, industry and government and none government organization particularly concentrated with accounting stream. Moreover the AIS instructional program also provided graduates for employment accountants and as IS professionals particularly concentrated with I.S stream. Experienced AIS become owners/operators of their own public accounting and Information technology firms and serve in information technology department and organization executive. The program emphasizes control of computers and electronic commerce along with manual procedures of accounting. The Accounting stream and AIS Degree program is ideally suited to the needs of those who wish to take the CPA, ACCA or other international examination with qualifying examinations upon graduation.

Specifically, a graduate of Accounting can perform Accounting functions such as designing, installation and control of manual or computer based accounting systems and information systems; preparing financial reports for profit making and none profit making businesses and producing relevant financial information for decision – making purposes of the management. She/he can also effectively measure or evaluate the financial performance of a company, preparation financial forecast. And project proposals, execution, monitoring and evaluation as a professional financial manager. In addition to this a graduate is able to apply auditing techniques such as reviewing financial statements as external auditor, designing internal control system for a company, reviewing to financial statements internally and report to the management group and consulting companies about their financial matters.

Furthermore, a graduate is also capable of computing and programming accountancy of using the latest information technology packages including C++, Visual Basics and other.