TVET- Program Description

The Program is designed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude of the trainees to the standard required by the OS.  The contents of this program are in line with the Occupational Standard (OS). Trainees who successfully completed this program need to undergo national assessment and be found competent before he/ she is qualified to work in the Business and Finance Sector in the field of Basic Clerical Works.

The prime objective of this training program is to equip the trainees with the identified competences specified in the OS.  Graduates are therefore expected to analyze business requirement, determine ways of Participate in OHS Processes, Use Business Equipment and Resources, Work Effectively in a Business Environment, Operate a Personal Computer,  Develop Keyboard Skills, Create and Use Spreadsheets, Plan Skills Development, Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work, Organize and Complete Daily Work Activities, Receive and Respond to Workplace Communication, Work with Others, Demonstrate Work Values, Apply Quality Standards, Develop Understanding of Entrepreneurship in accordance with the performance criteria described in the OS.

Duration of the TVET-Program

The Program will have duration of two years including the on-the-job practice or cooperative training time and Civic Education at all.

Qualification Level and Certification

Based on the descriptors elaborated on the Ethiopian TVET Qualification Framework (NTQF) the qualification of this specific TVET Program is “Level I-IV”. 

The trainee can exit after successfully completing the Modules in one level and will be awarded the equivalent institutional certificate on the level completed. The trainee can also exit after completing any one learning module.  However, only certificate of attainment or attendance (this is institutional discretion) will be awarded.

Target Groups

Any citizen who meets the entry requirements under items 1.7 and capable of participating in the learning activities is entitled to take part in the Program.

Entry Requirements

The prospective participants of this program are required to possess the requirements or directive of the Ministry of Education.

Other requirements:

  • ability to speak, read, write, listen and understand English

Mode of Delivery

This TVET-Program is characterized as a formal Program on lower level technical skills. The mode of delivery is theoretical learning and co-operative training.  The TVET-institution and identified companies have formed an agreement to co-operate with regard to implementation of the cooperative training program.  The time spent by the trainees in the industry will give them enough exposure to the actual world of work and enable them to get hands-on experience.

The co-operative approach will be supported with lecture-discussion, simulation and actual practice.  These modalities will be utilized before the trainees are exposed to the industry environment.

LIST OF TVET programs delivered at MICROLINK

  • Accounting Level(1-4)
  • Secretarial Science Level(1-4)
  • Information Technology Level(1-4)
  • Marketing Level(1-4)
  • Drafting Technology Level(1-4)
  • Electrical Equipment Level(1-4)
  • Surveying Level(1-4)
  • Automotive Servicing Level(1-4)
  • Construction Technology Level(1-4)

Payment at Microlink for TVET Programs

  • Accounting
  • Secretarial Science
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Drafting Technology
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Surveying
  • Automotive Servicing
  • Construction Technology